Luis Fontes

Application Security Engineer | eMAPT | eWPTXv2

Worked 5 years as full stack developer, experiencing with different languages and frameworks in multiple environments. As a security engineer I worked at checkmarx with huge global customers from all sectors reviewing application's source code to find and help mitigate vulnerabilities. Nowadays at IOVLabs I'm helping secure the decentralised financial systems of the future.


Dev Technologies


Open Source Contributions

DamnVulnerableCryptoApp XXExploiter CSRFER Vscode Swissknife PwnDoc OWASP MASVS Boop RSK/RIF Metasploit
About TheSecurityVault
On a regular basis I'm confronted with a lot of AppSec vulnerabilities which are quite unknown and good documentation about it is scarce. To show what a vulnerability is, how it happens or how to fix it is sometimes hard due to the this lack of articles. OWASP is still the best source but unfortunately I found some times their content incomplete, outdated or even wrong (on small details). That's something that I also intend to work on with them. But don't get me wrong, OWASP is a great source of information, they cover a lot of subjects, sometimes in a really extensive way, and its understandable that some content may need small tweaks... I decided to create TheSecurityVault to share my knowledge about these not well known vulnerabilities, a place where you can find the answers that you need, from when/how the vulnerability happens, how to exploit it and how to fix it, from start to finish, in a single place. This is a website for the common developer to understand what can go wrong about subjects that due to their 'low' or neglected impact are not taken in consideration or are not written much about. Hope you like it :D